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Haroun and the Sea of Stories - Chapter 7
by Julia DiVito and Amanda Mauer


Haroun wakes up in his room in the palace. The pages are getting into uniform and forming a library, more commonly known as, an army. Haroun realizes that his disconnecting tool, which he stole from Iff, was not under his pillow. The army starts on their journey to rescue Batcheat, or the Ocean, there is a controversy rises among the Pages and the Guppees, what exactly are they trying to save? When they got to the Twilight Strip, Haroun started having doubts of the strength of the army. The Guppees set up camp, and Haroun, Rashid, Blabbermouth, Prince Bolo, and the General went exploring through the woods. They came upon a Chupwala warrior fighting his own shadow. After a while, the warrior discovered they Guppees, and came over to talk to them.


Chapter 7 ultimately defined the relativity of freedom of Speech. When Haroun accuses the others of mutiny, for disagreeing with the General, Butt the Hoopoe inquires "…. What is the point of giving persons freedom of speech if you say they must not utilize same, and is not the power of speech the greatest power of all? Then it must be exercised to the full." This seemingly insignificant chapter in fact touches on deep moral and social issues.

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