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Haroun and the Sea of Stories - Chapter 1
by Kenya Lyons & Ryan Troschel


This chapter begins with the description of the setting of the story. The story begins in a sad city, in the country of Alifbay. This city is so sad that all of it's people have forgotten the city's name. To the north of the city, there are actually factories that manufacture sadness and send it all over the world.

We are introduced to the main character, Haroun, who is the only child of the well-known storyteller Rashid Khalita. His stories brought stories brought happiness to the very sad city. The wonderful stories led to Rashid's two nicknames, Rashid the Ocean of Notions and the Shah of Blah.

Haroun was always raised in an extremely happy environment. His father was always bringing joy and happiness to the family through his many stories. His mother always brought sweetness to the family through her songs. This built an extremely close family. One day Haroun's mother, Soraya, stopped singing, but Rashid never noticed it because he was so busy trying to think of stories. Rashid was constantly on stage and rarely had time to spend with his family.

To Rashid's audience, it looked as though every time he opened his mouth a story would just flow out. When Haroun asked his father where all of the stories came from, he replied, "From the great Story Sea." He said that he would drink that water and a story would pop right into his head. He makes common reference to the Water Genies, but when Haroun asks about them, Rashid replies that it is mush too complicated to explain.

The Kalifa's lived in the downstairs portion of their small house. The upstairs belonged to the Senguptas'. Mr. Sengupta's wife Oneeta always talked to Haroun and treated him like the child that she never had. Mr. Sengupta pretty much ignored Haroun, but was always hanging around Soraya. This angered Haroun and made their feud grow even larger. Mr. Sengupta constantly made fun of Rashid's stories and said that there was no sense in telling stories that aren't even true.

This day, everyone finds out that Soraya has run off with Mr. Sengupta. Soraya tells Rashid to go find his socks, which he is constantly losing. When he returns, he notices a letter that says all sorts of nasty things about Rashid in it. He then hears the sound of a car driving off. When Rashid notices this he smashes all of the clocks in the house.

After hearing Rashid mourn over this, Haroun explodes and asks Rashid what the point was of telling stories that weren't even true. Rashid went into shock and when he goes up to speak in front of a large audience, for the first time, he opened his mouth and nothing came out. After Haroun's mother left him, he is no longer able to pay attention for longer than eleven minutes. Miss Oneeta is able to make a conclusion, she suspects that it is because his mother left at 11:00. She said that it is a phsycological blockage that he can't get to twelve. The chapter ends with Haroun questioning himself and repeating what he had said to his father to break his heart...



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