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Haroun and the Sea of Stories - Chapter 8
by Asya Gyurjan and Gailey Walters


In chapter 8 Bolo, Blabbermouth, and Haroun, etc. all meet the Shadow Warrior: Mudra. Mudra can only speak with a language of gesture called Abhinaya. He twitches his eyebrows, and rapidly moves his feet and hands to communicate with Rashid who is the only one who can understand his language. The shadow warrior had rebelled against Khattam Shud and escaped his leadership. He reveals to the group that not all people follow Khattam Shud or worship his Bezaban. He begins to explain to the group that all Chumpwallas have a shadow as equal as themselves with the same amount of power (with one advantage). The shadows have the power to change their shape or form. Also, Khattam Shud has found the skill to separate himself from his shadow; meaning there are two Khattam Shuds to defeat!!!

After a while of discussion they begin to make a spy party. Surprisingly Haroun volunteers to be the leader of the party, picking Iff the Water Genie, the Plentimaw Fishes (Goppy & Bagha), Butt the Hoppe, and Mali the Gardener. When they get to the place where the waters have been poisoned, all are captured and Haroun has been taken prisoner (the Plentimaw Fishes have been left behind because of the poisoned water). Mali the gardener cleared the way for them to get to the Dark Ship.


In this chapter Mudra has been shut up for so long that he has lost his power to speak. He has the understanding of what he wants to say but cannot express it in an understandable form. This is symbolic of the writer's block Salman Rushdie experienced. He realizes that he is up against a very powerful force to regain his power to write freely without the threat of his life on the line. All of the people that want to kill Rushdie are forcefully keeping his words inside so that he can not express them. Mudra is in the same situation but with Khattum- Shud against him. He is poisoning the water keeping his words inside so that he can not express them freely.
When Khattum-Shud realizes that he can separate himself from his shadow it is symbolizing that someone can separate what Rushdie writes away from himself. That shadow is the darker side to someone, symbolizing though darker beliefs, that can be separated from the person. The shadow and the person play different roles.

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