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Haroun and the Sea of Stories - Chapter 2
by Magali Denard & Shannon Cooney


Rashid and Haroun are dropped off at the Bus Depot. On the ticket office, there are many odd signs that say things like:

"If you try to rush or zoom you are sure to meet your doom," (Rushdie, 31).

"All the dangerous over taker end up with the under taker's," (Rushdie, 31).

"Look out! Slow down don't be funny life is precious, cars cost money," (Rushdie, 31)

Rashid goes to buy a ticker. At the ticket window there are people in a giant mess. Pushing and shoving each other to be the first to get a ticket. Wile waiting for his father, Haroun meets the driver Butt, of Number One Super Express mail Coach to the Valley of K. Haroun asks Mr. Butt for:

"Front-row seats in the Mail coach all the way to the Dull Lake; and a guarantee that the mail coach would pass through the Tunnel of I (also known as J) before sunset, because otherwise the whole point would be lost," (Rushdie, 34). Mr. Butt agrees to take Haroun and his dad. When Rashid comes out from the ticket area, the mail coach is waiting for him. Once everyone is aboard, Mr. Butt floors the gas petal, and shoots out the gate. He almost hits a wall with the sign that says, "If from speed you get your thrill Take precaution- make your will," (Rushdie, 35)

The mail coach goes faster and faster. The passengers start to yell with excitement and fear. They Keep speeding along, to the Mountain of M. There the Mail coach goes faster then ever around the sharp curves. The passengers start to complain. Mr. Butt doesn't slow, he starts to point out accident sights along the way.

The bus passengers are on the was to the Valley of k. Mr. Butt is now totally concentration on getting to their detonation on time, and is no longer speaking. The passengers are too afraid to speak. The bus goes through the Tunnel I, and all of the passengers observe the Kosh-mar or Nightmare! At the bus depot, Rashid and Haroun greets the Boss, the person for whom Rashid is suppose to tell stories. Surrounded by 101 soldiers, Buttoo Haroun, Rashid walks to Dull lake, here a swan-shaped boat await them. On the Lake, Haroun sees a Floating Garden. Buttoo compares Haroun's mother to a fish, causing Haroun's dislike for Buttoo to increases. As Rashid ponders sadly what Buttoo says, the weather changes: it is suddenly hot, windy, and misty.


The wrestling match at the ticket window shows the chaos on earth. People are only looking out for themselves. They do not have anybody to place order or rules for the line to keep the peace.

The lack of names for the number of the towns or villages add to the chaos. People like the bus drivers are playing games with each people's minds. They can get away with it because they are too caught up in their own lives to notice what is going on around them. Their is till not central body to govern over the people

Mr. Butt his a connection to Earth and its second moon. He is like Butt the Hoopoe, they both have a need for speed. It connects the two worlds together because they are all ready connected. The city of Gup is always bright, cherry and warm, while the city of Chup is cold, dark and unfriendly. Earth is the middle man, made up of both happy people and places, as well as sad ones. Since Mr. Butt and Butt the Hoopoe are from different worlds, they link the two together.

When Haroun is in Mr. Butt's mail Coach, he feels very uncomfortable with the silence, and with the speed at which the coach turn. This will probably influence the way he sees the silence of Chump.

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