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Haroun and the Sea of Stories - Chapter 3
by Conni Buning


In chapter 3, Haroun and his father are traveling with Snooty Buttoo across the Dull Lake. The weather changes with different people's moods. This reminds Haroun of the Moody Land, from one of his father's stories. When he mentions it to his father, Rashod replies that the Moody Land is only a story. Haroun realizes just how depressed his father really is.
The Dull Lake gets stormier and stormier as Rashid, Haroun, and Buttoo get angry at each other. Haroun decides to test his theory about the Dull lake and the Moody Land and yells at everyone to be quiet. Once he has calmed everyone down, the weather clears up. Buttoo denies it having anything to do with people's emotions, but Rashid acknowledges it, making Haroun happy.

The boat reaches Buttoo's houseboat, the Arabian Nights Plus One. Servants lead Haroun and Rashid to their bedrooms. Haroun's bed is a huge wooden turtle, and Rashid's is a painted peacock. Buttoo asks Haroun how he likes the room. Haroun politely compliments it, but not sincerely enough for Snooty Buttoo. He flies into a rage, and when Rashid takes his son's side, gets even angrier and stalks out.

Haroun discovers he cannot sleep, and overhears his father agonizing over his loss of stories. Haroun and Rashid decide to switch beds, each saying that the other's seems more suitable. Haroun is woken once again by noises coming from his bathroom. He sneaks in and sees a strange figure grumbling to itself, with a bunch of tools next to it. Haroun steals one of the tools, thinking the figure might be a burglar. The figure turns, and Haroun sees that is it a very strange-looking man. The man demands his "Disconnecting Tool" back, and Haroun demands information. The man tells Haroun that he is Iff the Water Genie from the Ocean of the Streams of Story, Rashid's subscription to Story Water has been cancelled, and he has come to disconnect it. When Haroun questions why it has been disconnected, Iff replies that it is a P2C2E-a Process Too Complicated To Explain. Haroun, upset for his father's sake, refuses to give back the Water Genie's Disconnecting Tool until he can see the Walrus, who runs the P2C2E House on Kahani, Earth's second moon, where the Ocean of the Streams of Story is. Iff reluctantly agrees, and they prepare to leave immediately.


Snooty Buttoo proudly claims that he named his houseboat the Arabian Nights Plus One because 'even in all the Arabian Nights you will never have a night like this." This is foreshadowing the adventure that Haroun and Rashid will currently have.
Buttoo offers to let Rashid read his copies of the Ocean of the Streams of Story, but Rashid ignores the books, instead worrying if Buttoo has offered them because he knew that Rashid could no longer tell stories.

Kahani's P2C2E House, and the Processes Too Complicated To Explain are Salmon Rushdie's way of satirizing governments that censor and control their citizens without giving them choices or explanations. Iff the Water Genie Waves everything away as a P2C2E, as do many governments.

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