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Haroun and the Sea of Stories - Chapter 11
by Kyle Russell


The purpose of this chapter is to enlighten the reader to the happenings of the Gups and Chups while Haroun was in he Old Zone, and to put closure on the war. The narrator reminds the rader again that the point of the war is to rescue the Princess of Chattergy from the topmost tower of Khattam-Shud's Citadel.

The army, or "library," of Gups has made camp in the Land of Chup and made preparations for war. The soldiers of Gup are adorned with many aids to help them in battle. They have glowing helmets to see and nose warmers to prevent lcesicks on their noses. While on the Gup command hill, which held General Kitab, Prince Bolo, Mudra, Rashid, Blabbermouth, and a good many pages, a Chupwala visited them, claiming to have come to them in peace. Truly, he had come on basically a "suicide bombing" in an attempt to eliminate the Gup command. Blabbermouth saves everyone, and in doing so, relveas she is a girl.

Finally, the two armies, Chups and Gups, clashed. The battle was an easy victory for the Gups, who crushed the unorganized and disloyal Chups. The army of Gups them proceeded to the City of Chup where the leader of the army, Prince Bolo, was deadset to rescue the Princess. As they were marching through the city, the ground shook and the sun rose in the sky.



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